Monday, 4 April 2011

Life in the Old Dog yet. LOL

Just back from 'The Christie' Hospital. Blood taken for examination, consultation with Doctor, more blood tests to see if it is clotting OK.

The consultation with the Doctor went OK the cancer tumors had progressed in my lungs and liver with signs of new tumors. Then the Good News, I treatable, no promise on my getting worse or better, time and treatment will only give us this answer.

I was offered a place on a trial which I eagerly accepted, if I can help someone who comes behind me on the Cancer Journey I will be very happy. While I am on the trial I will be monitored more than normal. My chemotherapy mixture will also be different from my last treatment.

This Friday I go back to 'The Christie' to have a small operation to insert a Hickman Line into my chest. I know some people would enjoy this next bit, I also get my throat cut. see this link for a better understanding.  I have had two lines on both sides of my chest before, on both sides of my chest. The line is to pump chemotherapy into my system, it is used to take blood from me, I need to have home visits from district nurses to keep my line clear and to take of my pump. Pump, funny thing is it is not an engine style pump, it is like a condom in a vacuum and in a plastic container. The pump is connected after I have chemo via a drip on a ward, the pump is connected to the Hickman and the pump slowly tops up the chemo, this goes on for a further 25 hours. All in all the whole end to end process for the chemotherapy will take around 54 hours or so.

Chemotherapy also leaves you with little to no immunity to infection. side effects are numerous vomiting, tiredness are not unusual, coming into contact with people with colds excreter can also cause issues, this goes on in your first week, by the second week you recover, then you start again with another chemo cycle.

Chemo, what can I say. Someone once said to me of chemo "it is rat poison, it heps treat the tumors but kills you while doing so" this is basically true. It is quite a balancing act, keeping you alive. LOL

At least I came away from Hospital with hope, I ask no more than that.

My Family are mostly back on the Isle of Man from their travels.

Some of my Facebook friends, old Onchan Primary School Friends have made contact with other school classmate's. I am and so are the others so glad that Moira M has mailed me and we are in contact again. Moira moved to Australia over 40 years ago with her Mum & Dad, being in contact again is fantastic.

Norma, Holly and I had a run out to Pennington Flash, so Holly could run around a bit, Holly is getting to be a good dog.

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Traa dy liooar


Anonymous said...

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible - keep going my friend love from Jo and family xx

Tina said...

Fingers crossed the trial is successful, Adrian.
Sending you tons of positive thoughts & well wishes.
Tina & bump xx

lydia said...

We shall be thinking about you on friday ,and hoping you get the best results from your next lot of treatment . Mrs D