Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well here we go again, my hands and feet are uncomfortable, spin off from the chemotherapy. Stoma bag still a nuisance. physically getting stronger.

CT Scan taken on Friday, the results will be available to me next Monday, at the meeting we will find out what the next part of the journey will be.

Last Sunday, we all went to Formby Point and Southport, Norma and Holly had a nice walk it was a good dat nice and sunny.

Some of my Family are in Spain and I am Happy to say enjoying them selves.

Rod and Natalie a great couple, Rod has had a major operation and is now recovering.

Another good friend who's Daughters Farther in Law Passed over last Saturday, a very well known Gentleman in the Isle of Man. Our Sympathies.

I have been pottering around outside and enjoying myself, it is great to see our neighbors.

The last 3 weekends we have traveled to three nice walk's, The Moorings in Boothstown, nice bar and canal walk, good Sunday lunch. Portland Basin (Ashton), museum, canal walk. Formby Point, Sand dunes, Ice cream van, sea. Mail me if you would like further details or follow these links, or better still if you know of any dog friendly walks please let me know.


Portland Basin


Traa dy liooar

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Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,
my name is moira meikle and i went to onchan primary school with you (Miss Devereaux/Mr Newbold). I left the IOM when my family headed to adelaide australia (where i still live). I found your blog on the net and would love to write to you. My email address is moirameikle@hotmail.com would you write and sent me your email address please? I have also sent you a message on twitter. i do so hope you get this. kind regards, moira meikle