Friday, 31 December 2010

Out with the Old, in with the New. 2010-2011

It has been a funny year 2010, a year that has changed my life forever.

I had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer late 2009, so Chemotherapy was my only option, this was given to me to slow down the spread of the tumors but to our joy the treatment reduced or killed off a lot of tumors.

From being inoperable I became operable, this gave me a better chance of survival, so  in April the first operation to remove 50% of my liver and a section of my bowel took place, also some other bits and pieces. After a week and due to infections I had to have the rest of my bowel removed.

I am still recovering now and after losing 5 stone, I need to gain weight, that will happen slowly.

Some good people did not complete their Cancer Journey.  Rolland, Les and Irene to name just a few, I will raise a glass to you all and I think of you often.

Thank you all, my Family, Friends and Carers. The Surgeons, Nurses and all hospital workers.

So 2010 could have been a bad year and at times I cursed it but now as I look back I feel that I have a future.

I must give special thanks to Norma, she has and is nursing me back to full health. Norma is my rock.

Norma and I, have a new arrival to our home, Holly a 4yo terrier, she is a good dog, needs to settle in a bit and stop leaving little gifts.

Well 2011 is just hours away, I wish you all, all the health, wealth and happiness you deserve,

Blein Vie Noa

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