Saturday, 4 October 2008

To Date............

I am looking forward and counting the days to the best part of a week up in Scotland, Norma and I have got plans to visit Loch Lomond, Edinburgh and of course Glasgow where we are based, in the Kelvingrove area. I am meeting up with one of my Nephews and am looking forward to catching up with him.

This week I have not been feeling great but I am going to sort out my life and start to enjoy myself again, that is a promise to myself.

Not sure if I have mentioned this but the gardens around our home are now all but finished, they are looking well, even not established even the planting is settling in. Norma and I have bought some nice solar lights, pampas grass, rhododendron's etc.

Manchester is getting quite wintry at the moment, leaves turning brown and dropping, people dressing for warmth, I hate winter and the nights closing in. Gets me down.

Ah well Christmas is coming.

Traa dy looar

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