Sunday, 6 July 2008

Long time, no blog.

Well what a tale I have to tell it is about 3 weeks since I last reported in, so sorry to you guys who I have not got around to answering yet.

We are having some gardens build around our home and a lot of very old tree's have been removed lots of light coming in. A problem arose last Wednesday when we were having a mid-week break in Bridgenorth and Lichfield. One of the diggers while taking out a root cut the telephone line, it has taken 9 days for BT and their contractors to find and fix the cable. The service from BT has been less than perfect, the Lies that we were told by certain call center staff was unbelievable. We were hung up on by Advisers who by our guess could not deliver the bad news, running scared of delivering the truth. We were not even angry with anyone, just asked questions that they did not like to answer. I know about good Customer Service and what we received was far from that. The last Advisor who was based in Britain, took ownership of the situation and told us exactly what he expected to happen and he was spot on, He promised to call us back and did, although he was a bit apprehensive about the news he was going to deliver, others had failed to up-date the internal system and he was not sure if the work had been completed, he was relieved to hear it had all been finished off. Well enough of that.

The garden is starting to come together now, lots of walls being built, paths being laid, BBQ area's being laid out etc. One of the nice things is that we are building a small collection of Victorian bottles, which are being dug up, in very good condition. My favorite is embossed with 'Fennings Fever Curer,half wine glasses'
Bottle: Fennings
Blue Glass Bottle with Moulded text label: "Fennings' Fever Curer", c. 1910.

Square bodied, round necked pale blue glass bottle with raised lettering as label vertically on the front: "Fennings' Fever Curer". No closure (would have been corked).

Domestic off the shelf product available circa 1880 - 1930.
At work I am away from my Team at the moment training new people, it is a bit of a change in routine, My Team are great and the New guys are really special.
Last of all, Norma and I have been out and about recently, we travelled down to Bridgenorth in Shropshire, see the pictures on the blog, we also travelled over to Lichfield a place I visited for a few minutes years ago and wanted to go back to, I am very happy to say two wonderful places to visit.
Norma is not 100% at the moment and is having loads of tests which seem to be going on for a long time, we are waiting for an other hospital appointment soon. Norma is not off work or anything and her week off work have helped a bit.
I do not know if it is Norma being ill or the fact we are going on holiday in 8 weeks but our conversations are quite often being turned into relocating to another country, this may happen in the next few years or so. We can afford to do it but I am worried that I will become restless if I do not have work to do, so may have to re-train in something Internet based as well as learn a new language. Norma is on her next Spanish course, not quite advanced but getting there. Who knows where in the world we will end up Spain or Arizona but Spanish will always help.
Traa dy liooar

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