Friday, 13 June 2008

Unable to post.

Well I have finally got back into my blog, I have no idea but the host server must have been down or running slow, so I have not posted for a while but all is well now.

So Lewis Hamilton made a right mess in Canada in the F1 but well done to Coulthard a good third place.

I fancy a good run for Portugal in the Euro 2008, I always have liked Portugal ever since Eusabio, he is a legend a bit like Pele in my book.

Well the Isle of Man TT is over for another year, I seem to miss it less and less each year, the way the authorities are controling the course on Mad Sunday is ruining the whole event, just like how they ruined Douglas promanade outside the Sefton by building a stupid traffic Island.

Not a lot going on over here, the Gardens at the back of us should get started soon, we have had some very established tree's removed and the light and heat that is on the back of the house now is fantastic.

Our Lynn is out in La Manga with George, they only just got back from Gibralta down the coast a few weeks ago, they deserve it though.

I have not heard from my Son Richard since before he moved into the New House I must try to contact him see how they are getting on and buy them some furniture. Big house more space.

Norma is still waiting on results from a recent hospital appointment, she was meant to call the Nurse today and I bet that she did not.

I am off work this Saturday but in then till the following Friday, it seems like a long week this week, No reason though.

Must get a hair cut soon, I have only wrote that to remind me to do so.

Traa dy liooar, Yessir.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Adrian how the devil are you sir - Please contact me on and we can catch up