Monday, 26 November 2007

Twinkly lights.

I have just had a nice walk into Manchester City Center, then up to Manchester Fort a relatively new shopping outlet, popped into the B&Q warehouse and bought some more 'blue ice' fairy lights, that is now about £50.00 spent on Two yes TWO sets of super duper twinkly lights. Do you ever see cars going around at night with blue lights, well imagine 360 of those lights flashing at you and you will know what our walled patio will look like, burn your bleeding eyes out :O)))))))

All the birds are having a good feed on the nuts and things hanging off the tree outside my study, wait till the bleeding lights get going that will scare the little things, what will the squirrel's and fox make of the lights, I think they will all hang around and have a disco. Poor rabbits will not stand a chance.

I have been put forward by a recruitment company today for another job in the Legal Profession, some of these agencies must see a lot in me that I have not recognized, I must admit last week an agency Lady, queried my salary expectations and said I was well under selling myself. It is nice to hear people on your side and trying for you.

Norma is again tired and full of the flu she insists on going into work, she is living on flu capsules and keeps going in. I remember Norma would pull a sickie at the drop of a hat but she loves working in her new place and does not want to miss a day.

Ah well enough of my ramblings, things to do people to contact, Busy, Busy.

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