Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday a day about the house

Not a lot to report on really.

Tidied up the leaves, it is quite stormy still and that last leaf will not come of the tree's.

Sat around and half watched a James Bond film. have you noticed how poor the viewing is now on a Saturday night.

Norma and I are sitting down to a nice Dinner tonight, bottle of wine etc.

My Son Richard are trying to sort out Christmas and a visit of the Family, I do hope it comes off, my Family being in the Isle of Man find it hard to come over. The youngest Kyle is football mad and is I am happy to say a Man-U supporter, he also plays in the under 5s for Onchan Village, his sister Kayliegh plays for the older team, Jerry- Ann the middle Grandchild, is a girl, girl.

Must start Dinner now but your Manx for the day is very apt if you eat pea's or sprouts and yes it is correct;

Mie lhiat breimeragh? - Do you like farting?

So I will end now.

Traa dy liooar

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