Monday, 12 November 2007

Day at home.

Day at home today, a lot of my friends making contact, just to keep me in the land of the living.

I do not know about where you live but it was cold, down in the valley last night, a real heavy frost.

The BBC are back this week, so maybe there will be some action. Here is a link to one of the writers blogs .

Wednesday seems to be getting booked up with appointments for jobs.

I wonder if Arsenal will win tonight lets hope not. Don't want the Southern Softies winning do we.

Tomorrow I must get out into town and have a look around, Manchester has its Christmas lights on and I think the ice rink in Piccadilly Gardens are about to open if is isn't already.

My Grandchildren, son and Daughter in Law are over in about a month, it will be good to show them around.

Ah your Manx for the day.

By vie lhiat goll magh noght? - Would you like to go out tonight?

So Traa dy looar

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