Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ted and Jackie, Hamilton.

Saturday turned out well, Norma had her hair coloured, looks well.

Ted and Jackie O'Sullivan got wed, it was a good ceremony in Swinton Town Hall, for those who do not know Swinton is an area of Salford. Salford is often thought as being Manchester but it is a City in its own right, so do not forget it, the Salfordians are a proud group.

The reception and evening do was well attended and Ted & Jackie did themselves proud, a lovely hot pot with red cabbage, later a marvelous buffet was laid on with enough to fill even my stomach.

Norma and I had to walk home from the Broughton Cricket and Rugby Club as no Taxi firm would send a cab, I think the cats go round in two's in the area although Norma and I say no problems.

As my nephew David says in one of the comments on the blog, Manchester can appear a bit like Belfast not so long back. Manchester is just like any other City it has its good and bad sides. Happily there is more good by a long way than bad.

Oh! and as for Lewis Hamilton well it was just poor luck for the lad, lets hope for a good finish in Brazil in a fortnight.

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