Thursday, 4 October 2007

Norma's Birthday Meal and a Telephone Interview

Norma and I had a really nice meal in a restaurant that we had visited back in July 07, the steak is just the best I have had in years, Argentinian and cooked to perfection. I will give the name of the restauant at a later date as I do not know what it is called, it is just by the Cathedral in Malaga, a warning though they do not speak English (They do have a menu written in English but they do not understand it) The place fill's up about 9-00 pm, Norma and I have noticed that every occasion we have dined in the place, we have been the only tourist's.

Well that was Wednesday night.

We have sat in the gardens of Malaga today and walked over to the port, then onto the beach the weather is again loverly.

I had a Telephone Interview for a job at 12:00 I think it went well, so hopeful of a face to face interview next week, it is an interesting job based around the new Home Information Pack's (HIPs) the pay seem's fair as well.

We have been shopping this afternoon, bought some clothes so retail theropy is going well.

Out for dinner again tonight and back to Manchester tomorrow so will report late Friday.

I should up-load a lot of pictures over the weekend allowing for Ted and Jackies wedding, which we are looking forward to.

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