Saturday, 27 October 2007

Hop-Tu-Naa yessir

It is Hop-Tu-Naa this coming Wednesday, I must get my Turnip, Yes TURNIP you non Manx people, Pumpkins are for the Americans. Visit this site for a fuller explanation you Christians, us Pagan Manx know what it is all about.

Well Norma and I had a nice night in the Wheatsheaf in Manchester's Northern Quarter last night after Norma finished, our normal haunt was very busy, probably due to all being paid. So we moved hostelries. It is a bit of a rougher pub in decor but the people who frequent are nice.

I have come into contact very recently through Face book with a girl from the Isle of Man a Miss K. M. Worthington (I have withheld her full name as she is not aware I am using it. DPA etc), I was a friend of her Father a Great Lad or Man as he must be now, I can remember him doing Donald Duck impersonations. Why not join me, it is fun

It does surprise me how I can remember things from my childhood but cannot remember my mobile phone number. My Dad had senile dementia in his latter stage of life and I sometimes wonder if I will go that way, or there again they may find a cure. Can I say though and keep this in mind, you may have at sometime a friend or relative who gets a dementia, remember you will probably have a worse experience that they will. I was always sorry I left the Isle of man when my Father was in his latter stages of life and all fell to the Family I left behind me but it was a bad time.

Moving on. It has been announced that McLaren's appeal will be heard on the 15th of November that should be interesting. Amir Khan who has just been convicted for careless driving is now up for speeding. We have just had another shooting near by this time in Newton Heath man shot twice, he will be OK though only in the legs, it sounds like a punishment squad, if you ask me. Life.

Love and Peace

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